Reik & Christian Nodal merge their styles in their new single “Poco”


A Broken Heart is the ideal pretext for Reik, the worldwide most listened Mexican group, and Christian Nodal, the leading figure of the new generation of Mexican regionals, come together to present “Poco”, a new single and video, where artists fuse their styles for the first time and result in an unforgettable theme.

“Poco” is the meeting of two great artist in current Mexican music, who join forces for the first time when writing this song, joined by Andrés Torres & Mauricio Rengifo (producers of “Despacito”), as well as the renowned composer and artist Camilo.

Esta canción es un muy buen punto medio entre lo que hacemos nosotros y lo que hace Christian. Es lo suficientemente diferente para nuestro público y también para el de él, pero sin que se sintiera forzado o que estábamos tratando de hacer algo que no es genuino